I have been so blessed to meet a partner who was willing to make the daily choice to love me from 400 miles away. A small distance compared to other LDRs, but the time and presence away from our loved one is identical. Last year, I had the opportunity to grow in my career path and close the gap to only 35 miles! I wanted to open up and share what i’ve learned in the past 9 months.

  1. No matter the distance, I still knew and trusted that he was thinking of me and missing me just as much as I miss him. We both have our daily routines, go about our responsibilities, and at the end of the day we end it together with a phone call or text. 

2. Living closer allows us to be more spontaneous! Making travel plans, purchasing plane tickets or scheduling a road trip  to see each other required twice as more time than today. It is SUCH a luxury to be able to pull off an impromptu visit or last minute dinner when we want to. I am still a sucker for planning ahead and my partner knows that. I got really sick when I first moved and took full advantage of this to get some help to pick up medicine. Bless his soul for driving during the peak of LA traffic. 

3. Every penny is worth it. Being in an LDR for more than 2.5 years, we built up our expense list. Looking back at every trip, each one was so unique and memorable. Every trip we made an effort to support each other in our lives (i.e. visiting to watch performances, celebrate birthdays and holidays, meeting family and friends, graduations, etc) Now that we are closer, travel costs are low and we rarely hesitate to spend a few extra dollars on a fancy dinner, movie night or concert tickets. $$$

SAMSUNG CSC Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

There are so many things i’ve learned in addition to these points and I’m constantly learning about how to be a better partner in a regular distance relationship. Please subscribe to the blog and follow along 🙂 I hope you enjoyed our prom practice photos–prom is this weekend!! Until next time…

Love, AG


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  1. jencat1 says:

    Yaaay on closing the gap!! I’m in an LDR and cant wait for that!!

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    1. anngail says:

      @jencat1 wishing you the best!! Thanks so much for reading 🙂

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